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The Way

“Doing Things The Bible Way”    

February 2005 ISSUE

8th Church & Pastoral Anniversary

January 14-16, 2005

 It was again time to honor our Pastor and Lady for 8 years of excellent service to Bible Way Ministries, the San Angelo community, and the body of Christ.  It was also time to celebrate our 8th year church anniversary!  During the 3rd weekend in January, people came from far and near to show their support and love for Pastor Lonnie and Lady Karen Green, and to celebrate with Bible Way Ministries for 8 years of devoted services to this city and to the Lord.  The anniversary opened Friday night with Bishop Frenchey McCrea (the senior pastor of Bible Way Church in Del Rio, Texas, and the Presiding Bishop of the West Texas Diocese COOLJC) bringing a powerful Word from God entitled “Man of God”. But before he ministered, his choir set the atmosphere by singing two powerful selections.  In the  message, he stated that the children of God need to bless the man of God. By the time the message was over, people were rejoicing and praising God.

 On Saturday, Pastor Douglas Whittington (senior pastor of Refuge Church in San Antonio) and a charter bus full of excited members of Refuge Church, blessed our souls.  They brought their praise and dance teams and set our souls on fire.  Pastor Whittington preached a message entitled “This Crazy Pastor & His Crazy Church”.  It was such a great message, I cannot even explain it with words.  If you want more details, please buy the CD!  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Sunday rolled around.  In this service, we were blessed to have Apostle Theo Boone (senior pastor of Jesus Christ Church in Ballinger, Texas) as our special guest.  He delivered a on-time Word entitled “What is the Father Looking For”. It was a dynamic message and many souls were delivered and set free that afternoon.  What a mighty God we serve!