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Bible Way Ministries                               Lonnie Green III, Senior Pastor

Biblical Study Methods

Lesson One

Facilitator: Lonnie R. Green

2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

I.  What does it mean to study?

1) Study (Spoudazo) - to give diligence to (4704)

      A) Diligence- constant and earnest effort to accomplish what was undertaken

2)  Study (dictionary) - to make an effort to learn by reading or thinking or by careful examination                                         


II. What is the Bible?

1) The Word of God.  (God speaking to man)

            A) A collections of sacred writings (dictionary)

            B)  Holy Scriptures

            C) Testaments (Covenant)


2) Bible is derived from the Greek word “biblia”and means the books

      A) Ancient books were written on biblus or papyrus reed.

        B)  But it’s not just a book, it’s THE BOOK.


3) How was the Bible written

A) We have a record of Deity writing only 3 times in Scripture

                        1) 10 commandments ( Exodus 31:18)

                        2) On Belshazzar’s  wall (Daniel 5:5)

                        3) on the floor in the temple by Lord (John 8:6)


B) 2 Timothy 3:16- All scriptures were given by the Inspiration of God- All scriptures were given by the Inspiration of God

                        1) Inspired mean- God breathed (life)

                        2) No other book has life, but the Bible


C) 2 Peter 1:20-21 – Scriptures didn’t come from the prophets own prompting,

                        1) Yes men did write

                        2) Can a Pen write (it’s only a tool)

                        3) Revelation- a divine truth revealed

                        4) illumination – light becomes alive to us

                                    *truth that you know makes you free*


III. Organization of the Bible

1)      Written by 40 different people over 1600 years

2)      Two divisions- Old & New Testaments

  A) Old Testament (39 books) written in Hebrew by at least 32 different men

   1st book written was Job     

     5 major divisions

           1) law- 5 books (Gen –Deut)

           2) History- 12 books (Joshua- Esther)

           3) Wisdom or Poetry- 5 books (Job-Song of Solomon)

           4) Major Prophets- 5 books (Isaiah –Daniel)

           5) Minor Prophets – 12 books (Hosea-Malachi)


*Silent Years – No Great move of God

              1) Road system, uniformed currency, Iron Wheel,


B) New Testament (27 books) written in Greek by 8 men

     1st book written was James in AD 50, Last book Revelation AD 96

          5 major divisions

                   1) Gospels – 4 books (Matt-John)

                   2) History – 1 book (Acts)

                   3) Epistle of Paul – 13 books (Romans –Hebrews)

                   4) General Epistles 7 books (James – Jude)

                   5) Prophecy – 1 book (Revelations)


IV. 5 Great Periods in Israel History

1)      Patriarchal- Head of the family

                         *Begins with Abraham

2)      Theocratic- Ruled by God     

                          *Theocracy (Theos-God- Archos- Ruler

3)      Monarchial- One Ruler

                     *People wanted a King, Wanted to be like everyone else

4)      Exile- Captivity

5)      Restoration- Redeemed