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The Way

“Doing Things The Bible Way”    


Praise Is What I Do

By: Sister Jennifer Green

 I grew up in church and music has always been a part of my life. From piano lessons, choirs, to saxophone solos (don’t ask), music and the church have been intertwined.  My father became Pastor of a very small church here in Texas, so my sister and I, had the new responsibility of leading devotion. We worked hard on our harmony and made sure the songs sounded good, but that was all of the effort we put into. We were praising God, but it wasn’t about praising Him, it was about sounding good, and keeping the song going. I wasn’t really introduced to “praise and worship” until I became a member of Bible Way Ministries. We would still sing the same songs, but the format was different. Instead of singing randomly, stopping and starting for testimonies, we sang the songs continuously without much of a break between them. This style called for order in the songs you chose to sing, so that what you were singing would make sense.  Pastor Randolph started studying Praise and Worship, and our song choices changed, from songs of testimony and declaration, to songs that brought focus, and praise to God. The songs changed from “ I’m a soldier” and “In the morning” to “Bless the Lord” and “I love you”.  And as the lyrics changed our focus from our situations and problems to lifting up and magnifying the Lord, you couldn’t help but think about what you were saying.  Funny things started to happen during Praise and Worship service!  The scripture says, “He inhabits the praises of his people”, and when God inhabits anything, he takes control. Services would lose their order, tears would fall, hands were raised, and tongues were spoken.  It was wonderful, and I could feel myself drawing closer to God, just through those moments of worship. Even my prayers changed, I didn’t feel the need to be formal, and follow a certain protocol anymore. I could talk to him as my daddy, not just my heavenly Father.

 When Pastor Randolph approached me about leading praise and worship service, I froze. I think my exact words were “ I can’t do that I wouldn’t know what to say”. But I tried it anyway (Randolph can be very convincing).  I would try and think of things to say to introduce the songs and what I should say in between the songs, and I practiced them, and once I was finished saying what I had planned, that was it.  And then one night, the Lord showed me a vision, I was leading praise and worship, but I wasn’t on the stage, I was walking through the sanctuary and the words just flowed from my mouth.  It was that next Sunday that I realized that leading praise and worship wasn’t about what I said, it was about me worshipping God myself. It wasn’t my job to get the congregation excited, it was my job to be excited, it was my job to exalt his name, if no one else sang a word, I needed to praise him for myself.  To this day I still have visions of praise and worship service, and the words still flow. I don’t remember them but I know that they are placed in my spirit for the appropriate time and place. And all I have to do on Sunday morning is bless the wonderful name of Jesus.  As I say every time we go to start praise and worship service, for he is worthy of All the Glory, All the Honor and All the Praise.