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What's Happening To Your Seed

By: Adrienne Dobson

  In the natural realm, when women become pregnant there are three possibilities for that seed.  The number one choice for the mom-to-be is give birth to the seed placed inside of her.  The second risk of that seed is to miscarriage.  Many times the stress we undergo, the environments we are in and our overall body make-up can cause us to lose the seed placed in us to birth.  The final option people have created for themselves is abortion.  Nowadays more people are choosing abortion because the seed in them to birth is not something they wanted to happen due to something out of their control or simple carelessness. 

  Now take these options and place them in the spiritual realm.  God is the Father of the seeds placed in us to birth.  Again we have three possibilities for that seed.  If we follow his commands and read his Word and place ourselves in good environments after a while that seed can be birthed.  Every now and then during the labor and the pain we need coaxing with the breathing and the pushing.  In the spiritual lives God will usually send us someone to help us push forth those seeds that heís impregnated us with.  The joy of it is when that seed is birthed it will change our whole lives and the lives of those around us.

  Then you have the miscarriage seed, which are those seeds that died to early in the growing stages.  Sometimes we live some much in the flesh and we start to worry or stress and we forget every promise God has made to us.  Often many times we continue taking care of others and forget we now have to care for not just ourselves but the promise that lives inside us.  Those miscarriage seeds are lost promises that we didnít know how to care for, didnít know how to keep when times got rough.  The miscarriage seed was the lost hope for those around you, but God never gives up on us and he continues to give us those seeds until they can come to pass because His word cannot return to Him void.

  Lastly, we have those seeds that we abort in the early stages.  Many times we get to a stage in our walk and we say no to Godís will for our lives with our actions.  We begin to spiritually complacent and things start happening that we donít think we can handle or we donít think we are ready for and we give up on God and begin killing the seed God placed inside of us.  The killing of the seed is not what makes it so tragic, but it is the killing of the promise God placed inside you.  Many times we overlook it, but that seed we kill is the probably the best seed of all because itís the miracle seed we didnít plan and prepare for; however it was the seed planted and constructed solely by God with no human interference and planning.

  You can always say that it is your seed and you can do what you want with it, but the fact of the matter is that you are benefiting someoneís live by birthing the seed or you are going to hinder a life by losing that seed.  There will be hardship during that growing stage for the seed; on the contrary it is unspeakable joy when that seed is birthed.


Adrienne Is A Junior At Angelo State University In San Angelo, Texas